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  1. Can I Have The iTunes MiniPlayer Always Appear On Top My Windows?
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I will update this post if I run into that problem. So, people, your prayers and mine have been answered. You can put one window on top of others. Here is how to do it:. As of today, the instructions above have worked very well for me. Afloat has been working nicely and silently. Here are some updates on issues people have faced and graciously reported:. If you regularly see the pop-up window that says Donate for Afloat , try clicking on Show Application button to go to the plugins folder and delete the file Donate for Afloat.

You can find an active community and issues here. The benefit of building Afloat yourself is that the source code is maintained and has better compatibility with Yosemite. I have not tried out this approach myself because the downloaded binary file seems to work very nicely jinx.

Surprisingly, I have another Mac, also Yosemite Here are the instructions:. You may choose to simply install Afloat and search for the folder Afloat. Once you obtain this folder, you can most likely uninstall Afloat. Rocky Wu has created a script to install Afloat quickly.

Can I Have The iTunes MiniPlayer Always Appear On Top My Windows?

Many people have used it successfully. I was frustrated.

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I even sent an email to Tim Cook about it. This is when the tide turned, the mountain gave way and the skies parted. This is probably the most helpful tool in terms of aiding your productivity. The plugin only works with a number of Cocoa-based apps, not Carbon apps such as iTunes. Home Mac. Latest Articles.

Afloat Alternatives and Similar Software

It also comes in useful if you want to take notes when researching something online. Keep reading to learn how it's done. Click the Create a Note button, or click an existing note in the list on the left-hand panel. The note will be automatically given its own window, which will remain above other open application windows. You can have as many note windows open as you want — just double-click each note in your Notes list and they'll pop up separately on the screen.

If you've selected several in the list by holding down the Command key, simply double-click one to open them all at once. You can then position them on the screen and control which ones float using the same menu bar option outlined above. If you close Apple Notes, the number and position of your open note windows will be remembered the next time you launch the app, as well as which ones you've opted to float on top of other open windows.

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Just remember that your floating notes can't share the same screen as another app that's in fullscreen mode. Top Rated Comments View all. A double click on the note in the menu also makes it pop out of the main window.

Keep One Window on Top of All-Mac

Floating notes was a feature available even in Windows 98! This article is missing a step.

How To Keep a Windows Always on Top in Mac OSX

After selecting "Float Selected Note," the note will not automatically stay on top of all other active windows, unless you click on "Window" again, and then select "Float on Top. I used to use a fantastic little app called Afloat for system-wide floating windows, but it stopped working around the time of El Capitan.

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    I use it, but maybe now I will switch to Notes Whatever floats your note! Honestly, the HUD function of Dashboard is really perfect for little stuff like this -- provided you uncheck that "Dashboard as Space" nonsense so dashboard just flashes up on top of whatever you were doing and disappears just as easily. Basically zero disruption to your workflow, perfect for something you just need to refer to or check on really quickly and don't want eating up space on your screen at all times. You do need to reclaim the F4 button from Launchpad though, unless you have an older Mac keyboard with the Dashboard icon on it FunctionFlip works for this.