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  1. System requirements to install Windows using Boot Camp for macOS
  2. Install Windows using Boot Camp for macOS High Sierra and earlier
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I wasn't too concerned on pushing to a USB device quite yet, but I have my mac mini for that.

System requirements to install Windows using Boot Camp for macOS

I just don't want a MacBook and Surface Pro 3. Thanks a bunch for this instruction and post. This will make my life much easier! Angelos - great write up.

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I had to perform a few extra steps:. Open the. To enable higher resolution, I had to install an additional video driver.

Install Windows using Boot Camp for macOS High Sierra and earlier

Apple rejects the authentication. I hope there's a solution at some point that's less than the step procedures I've found in the past. Indeed, iMessage and FaceTime are still problematic. I searched a bit for a solution, but I haven't had time to try anything yet. I will probably make a new guide when I find something. I got the res working with a boot. It's stuck at the resolution, but a few characters changed, a reboot, and bam! Angelos, thank you for this post! It was very clear and concise, and very helpful. I was able to get my Mac VM up and running with a minimum of fuss, and it runs very well much better than a similar virtual machine that I had built in VirtualBox.

I am puzzling over how to increase the size of my VM disk. Anybody have any suggestions? I have also tried to enter the disk utility from the recovery partition during start up, but have been unable to stop startup and get into disk utility. It's weird that you have trouble with the expansion of the partition.

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I tried it now and it just worked. It's a magnet link. Have you tried copying it and pasting it on a torrent client, like the example with qBittorrent? How do I install vmware tools I am unable to use the scrolling on my mouse so Im guessing the vmware tools didnt work properly?

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Do you have a different mouse to try? It seems like a hardware incompatibility that I don't think will be fixed with VMware tools. Thank you for the great instruction, but in my case VMware Player stops with this message: "Mac OS X is not supported with binary translation. Thanks for the guide. I installed it about a week ago, when I suddenly felt the need for an OSX based machine. Sadly, Yosemite is very slow, which makes the VM only usable on very fast computers. I did nothing special, just download and run the Installer app. It took pretty long to complete, but it worked right away.

And the VM is much faster and more smooth now. I can recommend the upgrade to everyone who's using this VM! Thank you very much for the information that the VM can be upgraded to El Capitan.

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I thought that it wouldn't be possible. So did I. So before trying the upgrade, I made a copy of the VM. But to my surprise, it wasn't even necessary to change SIP settings, everything worked right out of the box. To get a clean-install to work. I fixed the "speed" issue by changing the VRAM amount in the. I changed it to 2GB MB , and everything sped up! Also, try BeamOff, which disables Beam sync, and renders everything a lot faster. HI I am successfully running Yosemite Now can I upgrade to El Capitan over this virtual machine? I haven't attempted the upgrade yet, but Squirreldisqus here on the comments did, and it worked perfectly for them.

It's worth a try. Question: is it possible to use the "unity" functionality of VMware, i. When I try, it tells me to install VMware Tools, but I have already installed them according to the explanations above. I cannot find out how to install the "official" version. In the next few days I will update the guide for the latest version of OS X, El Capitan, and see if I can get the unity work for that one.

Thank you for the guide. Is there a way to make the guest OS use more than mb of video memory? Windows 10 with El Capitan running here. Did you download the latest patch for VMware Player? Without the patch it gets stuck on this particular screen. If thats wrong can you send me the link for installing the patches. Check out if it works for you now. Hi, there so far it works really well! The only problems seems to be imessage and facetime which fail when logging in with an apple iD.

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There is indeed an issue with these two apps on virtual machines. I haven't found a solution yet. You can try upgrading to El Capitan, to see if they work there. Soon I will update this guide for an El Capitan installation, and check out if these apps will work. I am currently trying to follow the instructions Will you post here when you update your guide?

Check OS Installation Dates - Check OS Installation Dates - Answers

Where this differs from the guide in workstation 12 that I'm using is you do not edit the VMX for a generated MAC address, you use the virtual network editor and make your MAC address what you want it to be in there. I added slightly varying ones with the vm powered off then on reboot with an apple MAC address for the ethernet physical address, the unique identifiers from post 1 and the values from post 50 it allowed me to use imessage and facetime both PCsteps:disqus I wonder if you can repeat this and make it into a guide.

Mac OS X is not supported with binary translation. Thank you for a great install instruction and a pure osx iso. I have a question, what is the su password i can't find it.

Thanx a lot. Mine doesn't load just the apple icon just shows and it showed "CPU disabled and that i need to reset the virtual machine".

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