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Shell basics
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Fully customizable with many options. You can make it according to your need if you know Linux script.

OS X vs Linux

Free to use and a user is not bound to pay. Uses Only in those devices or application which is developed by Apple Inc.

Believe me or not but you anyhow have uses the devices those are running Linux. In a business, world cost is the factor which affects the choice since keeping cost low to maximize the profit is the main concern. One of the main advantages of Linux for the business world is Open source nature of Linux which boost further experiment and development for multipurpose work, for example, Android OS which gained popularity for Mobile devices is based on Linux Kernel.

Unix-like - Wikipedia

OS X is very much popular among people who like entertainment and very attractive graphic. Linux is also full of graphic but it is still behind OS X for this matter. In spite of being very costly, OS X supported devices are very popular and the reasons are vivid since Linux is a little bit tricky and even you need little technical knowledge to operate it to explore more.

  • Shell basics.
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Since OS X is designed especially for a user who does not deal with technical things. So who wins the debate? Well we can say for non-technical user OS X is always a good choice but if you are little economical and have some technical expertise then you will choose Linux as in upcoming year it will be more user friendly and my possible beat the OS X but recently OS X is popular for common man while Linux is rocking among business world and Techie.

Cheat Sheet: Unix/Mac Commands

Now you should understand that you're accessing the same files and folders from the command line as you would from any program on the computer. If it doesn't quite make sense yet, just follow along and I promise it will very soon. If you think that's incredibly simple and I spent way too much time explaining it, then you're probably a little brighter than I am. In programming, print means "show on the screen", not to be confused with "send to printer". Here's what's going on, which you can look back on for reference:.

A terminal or command prompt is a program command line interface that runs a shell, which interprets the commands. We're going to learn how to do a lot of the regular things you do on a computer with a mouse or keyboard shortcuts. We're going to move between directories, create files and folders, delete them, move them, copy and paste them, and edit files. You can also press clear at any point to wipe all the history and have a clean screen. Always remember to type pwd before writing any commands to make sure you know where you are.

Right now, I'm in my home folder. If I want to move somewhere else, I will use the cd command - Change Directory. I'm going to move to the Music folder, then check my location. Type these commands, and press enter after each one.

The Mac Terminal Commands Cheat Sheet

First, I moved to the Music folder. The terminal will understand a directory regardless of case, so I can write music or Music. I printed out my current location to make sure, then listed the contents. That's great, but I don't really want to do anything in the Music folder. How do I go back? In the terminal, one dot. By typing cd.. Right now would be a good time to practice moving between directories. If you try to move into a directory that has a space, you may encounter an issue. For example, in my Music folder, there was a directory called Audio Music Apps.

However, if I try to simply type that..

Wrapping Up

The shell thinks I'm trying to move into Audio instead of Audio Music Apps because it does not recognize the space. There are two ways to remedy this. If you press tab, the Terminal will do this for you! Simply type cd A and press tab and the shell will automatically assume what you want to type.

Mac OS vs Linux - Which is better for you?

Let's create a folder for practicing named Shell with the mkdir Make Directory command. Congratulations, you created a directory! If I type ls , I'll see my newly created directory in the home folder. I can also see this through Finder. Now you can move into the Shell directory by inputting cd shell. Now let's make a file.

You can do this with the touch command. I imagine it as Merlin tapping a wand and creating something out of thin air. I'm not very unique with my example names, so I just called it test. When you input this code, it won't output anything to signify that the command was successful. You can ls to see it, or check in Finder that you have created a valid.

You can create any sort of file, but it likely only makes sense to create text based files through terminal. We used touch to create an empty file, but we can even create a file on the fly with some content using echo. Now I have a plain text file called hello. I can check this by opening it from Finder, but I can also see the contents through Terminal with the cat command. At this point, I would recommend creating some more files and directories and moving between them to get more familiarized with the commands.

Change Directory to the path specified, for example cd projects. Head is used to print the first ten lines by default or any other amount specified of a file or files. The head command allows you to view the first N lines of a file. Choosing to display the file header is optional using the option below.

Man, the abbreviation of man ual, is a bash command used to display on-line reference manuals of the given command.

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  6. Man displays the reletive man page short for man ual page of the given command. If this article was helpful, tweet it or share it. What is Bash? Some examples areā€¦ Editing files Adjusting the volume of the operating system Fetching web pages from the internet Automating work you do every day You can read more about bash here , via the GNU Documentation , and via the tldp guide.

    Writing a bash script You can also put all of your bash commands into a. Say you had a bash script with the following contents:! Why did we use!