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Cisdem DataRecovery for Mac. This versatile recovery program enables you to recover just about any type of deleted, damaged, or formatted file in your Mac machine or peripheral device. The three-step recovery process lets you choose a data loss scenario, scan and preview recoverable files, and then perform the actual data restoration. A free download is available to preview the files that the application can recover. M3 Mac Data Recovery. M3 data recovery is free data recovery software for the Mac operating system from version It supports many file system formats including encrypted APFS drives.

It has the ability to recover files deleted from your Trash bin and can be used on your computer's internal drives as well as most peripheral devices. Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery. Lazesoft is a freeware application that offers users a free method of recovering deleted files from Mac machines. You can use the tool to recover from damaged or deleted partitions and the software allows you to restore data from a variety of external devices. Minitool Power Data Recovery. This data recovery application is compatible with Mac OS versions from The tool includes functional modules that assist in addressing specific data loss scenarios, making it easier to find those important files.

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard for Mac. This powerful data recovery tool runs on Mac machines running OS Notable features include the ability to create an emergency bootable USB drive and the ability to recover lost data from a Time Machine backup drive. You can recover files of virtually any type from most peripheral devices.

10 Best Hard Drive Recovery Software for Windows and Mac

Stellar Mac Data Recovery Professional. Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is a data recovery tool that enables you to restore deleted files on your Mac computer. It can help you recover many types of files including photos, documents, and videos from accidental deletion or a mistakenly formatted HDD. A free version is available for testing. TechTool Pro. TechTool Pro is a tool designed to allow a user to test and repair a number of problematic conditions that you may experience with your Mac. Using the tool you can perform drive testing and repair, monitor your network and connectivity, and conduct memory tests.

You can download the tool for free to test its performance. Ontrack EasyRecovery for Mac. You can use either its quick or deep scan feature to identify and restore files that are hard to recover.

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

The tool also provides advanced RAID recovery capabilities. Try the tool with a free download. Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac. Here is another data recovery tool for your Apple computer that can help you get your data back after accidental deletion. It provides a real-time preview of the recoverable data so you can easily select which files to restore.

You can recover your data with a simple three-step process that employs advanced scanning algorithms.

Solve Your Data Loss Issue

The tool can be downloaded for a free test drive. RStudio for Mac. You can obtain the RStudio tool for the Mac in both open-source and commercial versions. The application can recover deleted data from all types of file systems using advanced scanning algorithms and can restore formatted partitions and drives. Create an image file of a disk with bad sectors to facilitate recovery. RStudio supports all Mac low-level partition schemes to increase the chances of a successful recovery.

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A freeware version of the tool is available before investing in the commercial product. The latest operating system available for Mac computers was introduced in September of and is macOS Once you finished the Mac-drive scanning process, this world data recovery for Mac app will create a disk image file. DMG file , which can be further reloaded at a later stage and used for macOS data recovery purpose.

It is easier for both novices as well as professional MAC users to undelete data with different file extension on macOS machine. Data Loss due to the bad sector on Mac is always a nightmare for any users. Regardless of how your Mac hard drive was damaged, if you take quick action and use the appropriate Apple Data Recovery , you can rescue all your Mac data without any loss.

What is the Best Hard Drive Recovery Software?

To understand the answer to this question, you will need to understand a little something about the way the Mac file systems works. On a Mac when you delete something, the data contained in those files are not removed from the hard drive immediately. Thus Hard Disk Recovery for Mac becomes easy and all data can be easily recovered. However, if you have performed a low-level hard drive format, your data may have been deleted for good. There are no risk-free manual methods to recover lost data from Mac.

Trusting the wrong product could worsen Mac hard drive damage and make your data non-recoverable. Thus, in order to select the Mac Data Recovery App check multiple software reviews, the number of their downloads, customer testimonials, and then compare the prices to select your ideal product.

You can find the details of the software on TechSoftwareLogic official website and free download this Mac Data Rescue Tool to rescue your precious documents.

Why Trust Us?

This software performs File Recovery on Mac in a manner that is completely safe and non-destructive. This is a read-only application and will not write or make changes to the drive it is recovering from. An important thing you should remember while using this product is not to install the software on the drive that needs to be recovered. Frequent system crashes can be an indication of system file corruption or hard drive corruption.

In both cases, your critical data is in danger.

5 Simple Steps to Recover Deleted Files on Mac (2019)

If you face data inaccessibility, you can easily recover your data from a corrupted hard drive using Data Recovery for Macintosh listed on TechSoftwareLogic site. Remember not to reinstall the system before recovering data.

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Set the faulty hard drive as a secondary drive on another computer, and run the software on the computer to recover the data on the secondary drive. This is a tough one. Whether or not deleted files can be recovered has nothing to do with when they were deleted. All that matters is that whether you save new data onto the partition where the deleted files were or not. If the deleted data is overwritten with new data, recovering it becomes next to impossible.

However, if you have taken care not to write anything on the partition from where the files were deleted, this software can act as Mac Disk Warrior and recover everything intact. Doing this provides them with the flexibility to work with different operating systems on the same machine. It supports hassle-free data recovery from NTFS partitions on Mac with the added benefit of being able to work even if your Mac is not set up as a standard Boot Camp dual-partitioned disk. Like many programs, this File Recovery Mac requires an administrator password to work. It requires full access to be able to scan every bit of data on your Mac hard drive.

You will only need to give this permission once after an installation or upgrade.

This reliable Mac Trash Recovery program can accurately restore all the deleted Mac Trash files with their original file names. Yes, with this software you can Recover Deleted or Lost Mac Partition , you can recover data from deleted partitions quite easily. Click on any file to preview its contents.

If you can see the content, recovery is fully possible. You can then purchase a key, enter it into the program, and save your files to another drive. You can export the license from your old computer and import it into a new computer. This will deactivate the product on old Mac and activate it on the new one. TechSoftwareLogic Recovery Mac Files provides multiple scanning options to recover data with original file names. Here it allows you to preview folder items by simply double-clicking on any folder or item that you want.

The time taken by the Mac OS X Data Recovery Application cannot be estimated exactly as it depends on many factors and varies for each scenario. It depends on the amount and type of data stored on the media, type of storage media you are scanning etc.

Yes, you can use the computer while using this Mac Undelete App. Also, it is recommended not to modify the data stored in the media which you are scanning. No, it is not possible to speed up the scanning process. However, you may create a disk image of the media being scanned and then use it to scan and find the files.

Mac Data Recovery: How to recover deleted files in Mac OS X

This process would be faster. Once you start the scanning process with this Recover Mac Files Application , unfortunately, it is not possible to pause it. Of course it is. Just connect the drive and scan the corrupt volume with the Quick Scan option of the Free File recovery for Mac.