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Hold down the Option key, and then click the Outlook for Mac icon.

Fix Word Not Opening on Mac

Highlight your Identity Click Rebuild. The final method to resolve the "No Results" issue when performing a search in Outlook or for Mac, is to fix the Spotlight permissions in Outlook database and then to rebuild the Spotlight database, by following the steps below:. Give the following commands in order Press Enter after typing each command. Reboot your computer. After restart, open Terminal again and type these commands in order:. Now wait until Spotlight reindex your entire drive.

You can monitor the process if you click at Spotlight Search icon at the upper-right corner. Follow the steps is method-6 above to reindex the Outlook search database.

Bring the shine back to Spotlight

Did it work for you? Please leave a comment in the comment section below or even better: like and share this blog post in the social networks to help spread the word about this solution. Daniel Batsche February 7, pm. Whitney February 26, pm. Christopher Davis June 27, pm. I used the Alternate 6 method moving out the Outlook.

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Many thanks! Jess March 5, pm.

Same as Whitney! The 6 tip worked for me too.

Complex File Searches Using the macOS Finder

It did take a while to rebuild but my email is pretty large. The search works perfectly now. Marc Ross March 17, am. My computer would not start-up beyond the halfway point on the start-up progress bar. At which point my mac would shut off. Had to start in Recovery mode and then reinstalled my system off Time Machine. I got the Mac to start-up, but since then Outlook does not work right, shows "No Results" in search and even the "Filters Email" such as "unread" shows nothing. Lakonst March 17, am. Marc Ross March 18, am. Thanks Lakonst I finally managed to fix the issue. I did Method 6 and it did not work… by itself.

Here is the issue: After spending almost a week trying everything, I came across another thread describing almost the same issue I was having, so rather than just focus on Outlook, I began to look at the issue stemming from Spotlight. All the traditional ways of rebuilding Spotlights index was not working and the issue had to do with rebuilding the Launch Services Database.

Here is the fix using Terminal: Copy this exactly don't change anything. There may be a minute of inactivity, but be patient you'll see code as it does it's thing and will eventually stop. Now you will be doing 2 more steps I just closed the window after the first step and opened a new one. Now your Spotlight Index should be OK.

This is what finally got Outlook for Mac back in working order. I tried all the "traditional" ways of re-indexing Spotlight but ONLY the Terminal commands above, finally allowed Outlook to re-index it's database correctly. Lakonst March 18, pm. TwinMom July 6, am. Thank you for this! I couldn't get anything to work and then tried this method followed by dragging the folder to my privacy tab and back out again. It appears to be working now. I was ready to switch back to mac mail I was so frustrated! Office user here. Only the alternative method 6 worked for me, i.

I had to delete Outlook. Thanks you!! Method 6 worked for me. I think you need to give MSFT support a lesson on this because none of their suggestions worked but yours did! Maciej June 1, pm. Requires -t -d1 print summary of test-import to console -d2 print summary and imported attributes, except kMDItemTextContent, to console -d3 print summary and all imported attributes to console -o outfile save test-import attributes to 'outfile'. Requires -t -p Print performance information gathered during test-import.

Requires -t -A Print the list of all known attributes and exit -X Print the schema file and exit -L Print the list of known plug-ins which can be used by Spotlight -r Ask the server to reimport files for UTIs claimed by plug-in at 'path'. Lakonst June 2, pm. Maciej: Unfortunately, "mdimport -g" is not supported under MacOS This is a known bug and Microsoft has not resolved it yet. First, try to delete and re-add your email account. After that, check if your problem has resolved.

If not, try the following: 1. Quit Outlook 2. The open Finder and from the Go menu click Go to Folder… 4. Drag the "Outlook" folder to the Privacy window. Close and reopen the System Preferences. This will force Spotlight to reindex the folder 8. Wait minutes to complete the re-indexing and then open Outlook and try to search again. Lea Ann Savage June 6, am. I tried Method 4 and it worked!

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Damien June 27, pm. The issue seems to be pertaining to step one. When I navigate to that folder location I can get as far as "Outlook". There isn't a sub-folder called "Outlook Profiles ".

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  7. I've navigated the other two folders, and I'm not even finding a "Main Profile" or anything like that. I'm trying to "search" for the Outlook profile. In Windows I'm looking for a. What am I looking for in Mac? I don't know where the user's Outlook Profile is saved, nor do I know how to "find" it. Where can I go to find out the name of the Outlook Profile? Lakonst June 27, pm. CM July 9, am. Under such instance, a user must re-index the Mac Outlook search database. To implement the same, follow the step-by-step process mentioned below,. Office Admin OCloudExperts.

    If you are on macOS Mojave Once added, remove the folder, and Spotlight will re-index the folder.

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    7. These clients find no results when searching in Outlook. I have rebuilt the spotlight index a few times. The search box from the OS finds all the e-mails as expected. It's as if the spotlight index is not connecting to Outlook. Tonight I will try to re-move the account and delete the folder in question then re-add the account. If that doesn't work I will completely wipe Office and all of it's preference files and re-install and rebuild the account.

      Screenshot on Mac Not Working? 4 Ways to Fix It

      I have been having this exact same issue. It showed up after I upgraded to a new MacBook Pro and used a time machine backup to restore. I tried re-indexing outlook, tried rebuilding the Outlook main identity, ensured both Mojave and Outlook were the latest version running Outlook , and nothing worked.