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They nodded then turned and looked when they heard Adam squeak in fear. His eyes went wide, he turned pale as the folder he had held in his hand dropped out of shock. His sudden behavior worried them. They looked at each other then back to him and nodded. The blood we found underneath her nails traced back to a Come on man I've never seen you like this. What's wrong?

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Adam finally gave up his fight as his legs buckled underneath him. He fell to the floor along with Danny sobbing hard as Danny kept a hold on him. He looked up at Mac who along with Stella and the others stood in shock at Adam's sudden outburst then it clicked Stella who figured it out at the same time as Mac looked at him then back to the girl. Babe who was she?

Part 9b/14 of What Danny Deserves, CSI:NY fic - the product of a crazed mind — LiveJournal

Adam looked over at him his heart broke seeing the tears and pain in his eyes. This girl must have been very important to him for him to act like that. Stella immediately rushed to his side pulling him into a hug forcing him to release Mac for a moment. Sid stood in shock he couldn't believe what he was hearing! This girl was Adam's sister and now she was gone! Out of his life forever. He had his share of heartbroken couples and family members, but this one just took the topper. Not only was Adam like family to him he was like a son he wished he had. Sid walked over to them kneeling down beside Adam he placed a hand on his shoulder as he softly spoke.

What do you want me to do? Do you want me to go ahead and autopsy on her? Or would you rather me not?. Adam looked at him then at his sister lying on the table then he looked at Hawkes and Lindsey who were staring at him in sadness. He got up with the help of Danny and Mac he walked a little closer to her looking down. He immediately turned away not wanting to see her like that. He said he would come back for me and kill those I loved and now it seems he had killed the one remaining family I had.

Sid nodded. Mac then led him out of autopsy and straight to the breakroom. Once they had gotten inside the breakroom Mac carefully sat his young lover down on the couch then he walked over to the fridge got a bottle of water out and handed it to Adam who took it gratefully with a small sad smile.

scuttling across the floors

Now I know you're going through a difficult time right now, but we have to know Adam is there some connection between you and Tommy Bracksten? Seeing the fear in his eyes after saying that name gave him the answer, but Adam nodded anyways. Where you close friends with him? Adam looked at her sadly. It happened 15 years ago. My sister and I were still at collage it was our freshman year and we had just started. I had a dorm room all to myself. I was thrilled and happy, but my sister had to share a dorm room with someone so she wasn't at all too happy.

You have nothing to be sorry about. You have every right to cry. Anyway it was our first year and we were excited and we couldn't wait for our first class to start.


[FANFIC] [CSI:NY] All These Things Part II

At first we liked him because he was nice to us and welcomed us to the school, but we had no idea his intentions until it was too late so we hung out a lot. Grace had started to develop a crush on him and when she told me about it I told her to go for it! Summary: I know that he is not 'fine', he is not 'okay', but how do I reach him? How can I tell him that I am here for him; here to be his strength, his rock, his anchor? He needs to know that he does not have to grieve alone. Summary: Mac meets Jethro's "family" and everything changes forever. Part of the Firestorms universe. Crossover with NCIS.

One shot. This little bunny came hopping in while I was watching cartoons and a commercial came on. There is a case in here but it takes second to the romance.

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I can't really explain more without giving it all away. Mac Taylor gets more than he bargained for when he gets a call to meet Stella in the Police Garage. Taking away pain by Tiffany F [NC].

CSI: New York stories

Summary: Mac comes home after a hard day at work and his lover makes him feel better about a few of the choices he was forced to make. The Club by michele [NC].

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Summary: Danny needed to unwind and finds someone to help him. Summary: The first time he wakes up after the accident, unable to hear anything, Mac feels like he can't breathe. No copyright infringement is intended.

(CSI:NY)Adam Ross x Forensic Computer Tech! Reader

So, I told him fine. He seemed to know what he wanted: a male dominant. You think you know a guy, right? He came back and offered to fit Flack in last night before he left. He said that he needed the extra cash, and that he likes the cute ones. Which he does.

Me, personally, I think the detective is a bit plain, and those eyebrows! But Victor liked him. Of all the luck, right? Lazaro was also tall, dark-haired, and handsome. He typed something into his computer and put his round glasses on to read the screen.

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Males five-foot-nine to six-foot-one, hair brown or black, slender and fit, no preference as to eye color, no racial preference. We record all our entertainers and clients preferences, so we can pair them up with as much chemistry as possible. He turned back to Ragno. He agreed to take the appointment with Brant, like he had something to prove.