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Here’s almost every wallpaper Apple has ever made for Mac and iOS
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You can read more about our new identity on our blog at medium. As of today, Unsplash is known as Unsplash. Wow have I been surprised. This was a really good idea for a laptop app, and I was very impressed with the idea when I first found it, but the app itself does not work very well. After a few days of using the app, I realized that I just liked looking at my own pictures better. So then I tried launhcing the app to close out of it properly, or at least turn off the program it is running. I am unable to simply open the app, and it is really annoying because I do not like having to look at pictures of horses on my laptop all day.

A Mac in a day.

One last note- when I tried o just change the wallpaper via system preferences, it worked for a few minutes, and then it changed back to the Unsplash pictures. Changed my review to 2 stars due to the preferences setting doesnt actually work on automatically changing the background after a week, like I have set it. Please fix this crap.

I like it but I wish I could remove the menubar icon from view.

I kinda just want to set it and forget it while not being shown in the menu bar to keep things clutter free. I would also like to designate a place to download images, instead of the downloads folder, and also set the app to automatically download images to the set designated directory as it automatically updates my wallpaper.

Collection 1: Fall in San Francisco

If this happens, there should be a notification shown on the side bar confirming that the image has been downloaded. This is just in case that I forget to that this is happening in the background and wonder why my disk is filling up, given that the images are nearly 4K. A hard notification everytime it is downloaded would help, versus the check mark hiden in the menubar preference icon. With Winter upon us, the mountains of this region are a sight to behold, and the perfect inspiration for our latest collection.

We've partnered with photographer Paul Gilmore to bring you our 6th collection - An Innsbruck Winter. We love living here, so we wanted to share a bit of our home with you for our newest wallpaper collection. We partnered with an incredibly talented local photographer Kim Graham who has made Charleston her home for most of her life.

Selection of photos to put in my MB

August — On a recent trip to Hawaii, one of our favorite photographers, Scott Gordon , captured the incredibly diverse landscape of the islands. For this beautiful collection he focused on Hawaii's second largest island, Maui, but was also lucky enough to experience the primarily uninhabited island of Molokai which features waterfalls of more than 2, feet tall.

Let the lucious blues and greens of Hawaii's landscape transport you to paradise with any of the below dual-screen setups. February — We partnered with the amazing Scott Gordon again to capture the San Francisco bay during the golden hours - that time before sunrise and sunset when the light is perfect for shooting. The end result is magical. This is not some big debate about anything serious or consequential, and yet here we are with trolls being trolls and people acting as if this is the.

‎Irvue on the Mac App Store

How embarrassed would the trolls be if it were revealed who they really were and how they behave online? Would they speak like that to someone else in person, offline? Probably not. Trolls pollute the internet.

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And frankly, for comment moderators and websites, they should ban them. My 2 cents.

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No one here is a troll. The wallpapers are not ugly as some have alluded to, but some of them are too much noise or attention if you use the Mac for work. For that use case a good wallpaper should not try to take over the screen. Such negativity! There are thousands available online. I personally like most of them myself. I really have no idea why anyone would think these are gorgeous.

They are un-insired, boring, and some are flat out ugly. I have have that are 10x better looking than any of these… just search google images for 4k-5k photos. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Customize. Qun says:. June 27, at pm. Ted says:. December 21, at am.